Jigsaw Puzzles

April 28, 2021


Have you ever been in a situation or relationship where it feels perfect at first? People have used the jigsaw puzzle analogy a lot. They always talk about how they “fit together like two puzzle pieces that couldn’t fit anywhere else” only to find those pieces don’t exactly fit together once the puzzle starts taking shape.

You may feel foolish for having such romantic notions. You may have gone out on a limb and went public with your feelings only to be rejected later.

Nothing and Nobody is perfect. Sometimes those puzzle pieces can be forced to fit together, or some parts fit, but once the puzzle is finished it doesn’t fit in the picture. It doesn’t look or feel right. What your brain or heart perceives as a perfect fit, over time, can be seen for what it really is. We all make mistakes where attraction or whatever play a part. Sometimes we really want those two pieces to fit together. Your family or friends or mutual hobbies may tell you they fit but you can see with your on eyes that they don’t.

It’s ok to not fit but at least you are playing the game.

Written by Corey Smaller Follow me on Instagram