Mid Holiday Updates 2022

November 28, 2022

Hey, It’s been a bit, eh? Post thanksgiving Monday. Not really much to say In the day to day. I signed up for my first IronMan (gulp) In July and have been sort of kinda keeping a good training schedule between skiing and climbing and music.


RATS played downtown SLC this weekend. We played at Lake Effect to a raucous crowd. About three years ago I vowed never to play Salt Lake again. Too many gigs of hipsters staring at their phones or empty bars really turned me off. RATS was designed for ski-town party music: We can plug Into any ski town In the country and people would dig It. Salt Lake has changed significantly and I love It!


Also, the past few weeks we have had tons of snow fall and the best opening day at Snowbird I have had In 20 years. Tons of touring days and fresh lines and way more people In the backcountry. All the hiking for the good stuff and long runs at Snowbird and Alta have put a strain on the training schedule but I am ok with It.

This past summer was: wake up, gym, swim/run/mountain or road bike. Repeat. Now with skiing back In the mix and an upcoming trip to IceFall Lodge In Canada (5-6K of ski tour vert a day) and then IronMan In July, things are getting a bit tight.

I know I sound like a broken record when I keep First World complaining about the lack of energy to do all the cool, awesome shit In the world but man I keep getting sick and It’s pissing me off. Stop being weak, body! Cut It out!


Coach starting to put extra workouts In around my skiing schedule. Had to swim at Snowbird’s pool last week. At 8500 above sea level and about 95 degree water It was like doing laps In a hot tub. It sucked!

WIth all the skiing and touring the past week my runs have been nonexistent. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill just to get my legs moving. Pace was good for five miles. Tried to keep everything In Zone 2 but my ego won’t let It happen. I had to do two 4-5 minute Intervals at Zone 4 and I felt strong. Been riding the bike trainer and using Zwift to build my FTP (Functional Training Power) and It’s been slow going but In the right direction.

Amore Supratutto!

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