May 28, 2021

Money get back, I’m alright Jack, keep your hands off my stack.

Those Pink Floyd lyrics came to me this morning. Remembering watching the Pink Floyd masterpiece: The Wall. In the movie little Pink is in school getting reprimanded by his headmaster who takes his book of poems and quotes Money from the Darkside of the Moon album (and not The Wall) and calls it complete rubbish.

I read this beautiful article and posted it on my facebook from a dying woman in Australia:

If you get the chance, read it. She knew what life was about. Absolutely heartbreaking to see someone so young and full of life leave this planet so early.

What is money but a means to an end? It’s just energy. So many people doing horrible things for it. Hoarding it , stealing it, and screwing people over for it. For what? More material shit? An easier life? The people I know who have this addiction with money will never stop. That is why you have the Jeff Bezos’s of the world who can retire at any time and literally help the world refuse to do so. It’s a drug.

Things I associate with money: status, intimidation, respect, fear, material bling. Notice Love is not in that list.

Money used in the right way allows us to enjoy life: vacations, better equipment to adventure with (skis, bikes, etc), exploring, helping others, better food and health care. I’m not being polyanna about money like some trust fund kid who’s like “money isn’t important” while driving a 100K tesla.

Money is important but remember it’s just a means to an end. Use it as energy to get you to experience your life.

Help others with it if you have more.

You cannot take it with you. On your deathbed will you be lamenting about not working enough or not helping and experiencing life enough? Think about it. Money will come if you do the thing you are here to do. Don’t ever stop doing whatever it is that lights you up. Even if you have to do it on the side and work a temporary job in the meantime.

Stick with it. Nose to the grindstone.

Written by Corey Smaller Follow me on Instagram