Soul Doctor

November 05, 2021

I dreamed I was a soul doctor

Or remembered I was

Old friend, you came to me

And I helped you find your child’s smile

Against the wall at night I saw his light

And yours mingle in the dance 

Beneath our skins they dwell

Just past our vision another world dreams

They persuade our actions

And nudge us in our direction

To let us judge after our decision

Did I do the right thing?

Did I listen ? 

Or did narrow fear blind 

Till on bed reclined

To go to the light once again

To meet yourself in the end

Will you agree it was a good life

Or was it all in vain?

Will you cower in lost chances, anger, blame?

Would you agree to do it all again? 

A good teacher doesn’t judge 

She lets you find your own answers

Yet the dance is always there

Ancestors know the rhythm through despair

Can you remember the steps?

They urge you to find them in the dark

Written by Corey Smaller Follow me on Instagram