Change Is In The Air

October 08, 2021

Busy Season Ahead!

We are getting ready for a busy season ahead. Lots of newcomers to touring have been asking about some lower angle, easier tours. The answer is Yes! We have those! Don’t you worry, we operate safely and try to make the trek as easy as we can for you.

Early Season Dumps!

Oh boy! Here comes that inevitable early season dump. I’m torn between “Yay, new snow new snow!” and “oh no Weak Persistent Layer”

Utah needs moisture. We need wetness. We need H20. No matter what, this drought has killed our water supply. That being said, I want stable north facing fun lines and the thought of another season of the Black Rose on UAC reports, hiking low-angle lines again, and logging on the intrawebs to see new fatalities is not my ideal circumstance. Nevertheless we take what mother nature is giving us and persist (even if our basal layers do not).

Check out what is to come: (courtesy of U of Utah)

Let’s all burn some (biodegradable, burnable) skis and pray to Ullr that this storm is a good storm, a deep storm, but that To All That Is Holy And Right , it all melts before the real stuff shows up.

Check out The Weather Weenies for up to the minute Nerd Weather forecasting and follow Jim Steenburgh for all of your Wasatch weather needs.

Pray for Snow!


Written by Corey Smaller Follow me on Instagram