December 16, 2022

Another day another chance

Another way to make your own advance

When tomorrow greets you

another day to cry without

another person to tell your secrets

how he used to beat you

- -


standing here on your own

with your heart so far from home

‘aint it hard where theres no reflection?

I’m sorry I kept you locked and away

Isn’t that what you want him to say

When he deals with your interventions


Another night another lie

another girls falls by your side

You think “when will this be done?”

all the promises and all the pain

you realize you and he are still the same

since this life has begun




She watches her own hand waving goodbye

Never really saw it or stopped To ask why

{So many words you’ll never say)

Cos loneliness is better than dead

Cries of mercy repeat in her head

Realize there’s gotta be a better way

-- Chorus

Written by Corey Smaller Follow me on Instagram